What you need to know about installing Car Door Trim?

The Chrome Trim Car is an easy-to-install product that gives your vehicle a unique look in just minutes. Choose a day when it's not too hot out, and here are a few steps to follow.

1. Make sure you practice
Ensure the chrome trim tape is positioned precisely where you want it from every angle. If you are trimming a part of your car, you may want to use refrigerator magnets of the flat, flexible variety as placeholders to guide where the trim should go. In such cases, you can attach the magnets to the front door and then quickly remove them afterward, leaving no mess or residue behind.

To get a good fit, which results in a great look, wrap your unpeeled chrome trim strips around the target area and gauge the length, placement, and appearance.

2. Take care of the mess

The best way to ensure a strong adhesive bond for stick-on chrome trim is to ensure no dust, grime, oils, or whatever else gets between your car and the new tape.

Apply chrome trim car to the area by wiping the surface with a paint-safe solvent or rubbing alcohol and cotton towel free of oils, dye, and lint.

3. Rest a while

If possible, wait at least 24 hours before washing your car after installing new chrome trim strips. Three to five days is generally considered best, but no washing is the absolute minimum. You will enjoy a long, beautiful relationship with your new Car Door Trim and Car Luggage Mat when you let the adhesive do its thing.

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